Here you can purchase my writings directly from me - no middleman. They are available in PDF format for all devices, .mobi format for Kindle, or .epub format for various eBook readers. Click on the names to open a description and find a purchasing button, and click the name again or the "close" button to close. If you are interested in publishing any of my works, please contact me through the contact page.

Short stories

My short stories are somewhere around 6,000-8,000 words.


A human body beneath me tossed and turned. I didn’t know his name, nor did I bother to make an inquiry when he came into the cabin in that evening. I had nothing personal against him, but he was just another nuisance in my already tiny private space. For a second I wished I could switch my life with him. For all his tossing and turning, for him this trip would soon be over. Sometimes it felt like I’ve always been running away from something, and always will be. I could already tell that my fever got stronger in the few hours I’ve slept.

I was on my first night on the Vivek Express from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari, and I had Malaria.

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A frozen prince from an ancient royal family is embarking on a journey to reclaim his place as the ruler of the kingdom. In the meantime, a boy named Billy is experiencing the pains of adolescence on a school-trip with his friends. When will they both meet? And how?

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What happens when a person no longer has a past? What happens to him when he gets forgotten by the world? And how long will it take to find such a person?

Two strangers meet in an inn. Both of them have secrets to share, but knowledge has a price, and the consequences are never too far away.

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Flash fiction

Flash fiction stories are really short, less than 2,000, enough to give you a taste.


“Sorry, you’re on your own.”

“Hmm… What’s that?” I said, looking up from the colorful brochure the relocation clerk just gave me.

“You’re on your own.” He repeated, “They advise us to say that to all clients now, as a part of our cautionary policy. Once you go out that door and start the process, you’re on your own.”

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The silver dust of moonlight did not intend to go on such a journey. It did not intend to travel the world. But as luck would have it, that is exactly what happened. Around midnight, more or less, the moon shook, and a bit of silver dust fell off the celestial body’s coarse face, into the empty space between it and the earth.

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